Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Big List

The Big List
100+ jazz albums
Más de 100 discos de jazz


melomania said...

É preciso ter coragem :)
Que ganda vontade de lutar !!!

André Siqueira said...


magician said...

Thanks a lot for your precious tresaures of jazz.
Jorge, from Buenos Aires

Unknown said...

que malditos han borrado un blog fantastico!

Nestor said...

ay no... que joputas!!! tu blog era el mejor de jazz que habia visto hasta el momento, si yo queria bajar algo bueno sabia que podia esntrar aca y ya... espero... si con los cache de google... pero no es lo mismo.

gracias por tu trabajo

Anonymous said...

Thanks a load, and please visit my new YouTube Channel:


See you around,


Santi said...

Filhos da putaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Han matado a kennyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Abrazos y gracias por tantas y tantas horas de disfrute. Obrigado!

jazzzzzzzz said...

we must to say just one thing:

thanks jazzever!!!

and another little one

ahole blogspot!!!

Unknown said...

Hey man, is the blog in another URL?

(-_-) said...


Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!!

Anonymous said...


ketil bjornstad
kurhaus bad hamm
hamm, germany

source: dvb-s > techno trend tt-premium 2300 > hdd > nero wave editor > flac
(MPEG1 Layer 2 > 320 kbps)

ketil bjornstad - p

01. nightsong > rememberances (bjornstad) 20:51
02. announcement ketil bjornstad 00:15
03. epigraph > upland (bjornstad) 11:23
04. the river > the sea no. 9 (bjornstad) 13:23
05. announcement ketil bjornstad 01:00
06. by the fjord > the sorrow in her eyes (bjornstad) 15:12

Anonymous said...


Keith Jarrett

Kultur und Kongresszentrum,
Lucerne, Switzerland
July 16, 2006

Solo Piano

Disc I / Set I

1. Part I 17:29
2. Part II 03:55
3. Part III 05:23
4. Part IV 08:49
tt 35:46

Disc II / Set II

1. Part 5 18:22
2. Part 6 04:45
3. Part 7 07:14
4. Encore 1: Easy Living 07:59
5. Encore 2 : Blossom 06:44
6. Encore 3 : solstice (from Belonging album)
tt 56:51

Audience recording

(-_-) said...

Incomplete link?

Anonymous said...

hi, i am sorry ...
this should be the complete link for keith jarrett - solo - lucerne - 2006 :

all the best

(-_-) said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

next blog is gone ...


Anonymous said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

Anonymous said...

Jazzever, I loved to come to your blog and just listened to a few items I got from you which I otherwise would have never gotten to know.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your great taste with so many people. You really opened my head and my ears for so many great musicians

THANK YOU. You have one of the best tastes in music of all the people I know. (not just saying - I really mean it!)

(-_-) said...

Kind words. Thank you, Anonymous.

OldHippieRick said...

Thanks brother ..way cool from "Jazz and Blues All Day" oldhippierick at blogspot.com /;-))

Anonymous said...

Keith Jarrett - Solo -

(Audience Recording)
size: 215 mb
320 kb mp3
link-> http://ul.to/09mozt

Bill said...

Live jazz from FM radio only - no commercially released material.

Mr.Pc said...

you have a great page. keep the work up!
i share jazz at my blog, too. if you like you can put my link to your page and i can put yours with a nice avatar to my page.
waiting for your reply.
mr. pc